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A FOLD Production of Hamlet


Fall/Winter 2016
Venue TBA

Current works

A FOLD Production of Hamlet

Venue TBA

Fall/Winter 2016

FOLD’s adaptation of Hamlet, inspired by Heiner Muller's 1979 postmodern classic Hamletmachine. The dramatis personae of William Shakespeare's Hamlet return for an exegesis of contemporary power relations, considered through the lens of posthumanism and world esoteric traditions.

The New Deliverance

Venue TBA

Winter 2016/17

The American premiere of Witkacy’s 1920 masterpiece, The New Deliverance is the first of FOLD’s presentations of Polish avant-garde theatre. Forecasting a century of violence, The New Deliverance is Witkacy’s surrealist critique of the dogmas of post-Enlightenment rationalism. Written nearly a hundred years ago, it still has the weight of prophecy.

The Scourge

NYC Graveyard

Address TBA

Spring/Summer 2017

What if consciousness didn’t leave the corpse after death? Set in late Medieval Europe, after the black plague has led to the “disintegration of all social forms,” the victims of the Scourge are left to reflect on their former lives and current fate.

Story of the Eye

Venue TBA

Fall 2017

FOLD’s adaptation of George Bataille’s transgressive novella Story of the Eye. An exploration of the metaphysics of base materialism and the economy of excess.

FOLD is dead.

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FOLD is function.

Nested inside the dimension which is its progenitor, FOLD is the violence of becoming. The mental eye's brief enclosure of shifting structures of force. A rift occurring prior to any narrative, the object of not-even-objecthood. The subjectivity arising from the curvature of spacetime, in the amnesia of figuration. Alienation as the ontological ancestor of the post-anthropos. An eschatological cosmogony: thanatos whose grandeur lies in the continual discovery of its eros.
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FOLD is other.

FOLD develops intensely physical work that merges seemingly incompatible realities, dissolving boundaries between performer and spectator, process and event. Drawing from the history of esotericism, FOLD's multidisciplinary output explores the extremes where transcendence meets alienation, radical embodiment, and metamorphosis.

FOLD creates cinema, installation, performance.

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Past work

Antonin Artaud's Spurt of Blood

at Albertine Books

October 2015

Performance of Artaud's notorious surrealist play, a dark ritual in the Theater of Cruelty.


at Pioneer Works and at ARAS, the C.G. Jung Center

March 2016

A synthesis of world creation narratives, from Vodun to tantra to quantum physics, exploring the trickster multiverse and its challenge to social conventions and institutions.


at The Schoolhouse
and at Stewart Losee's Kabinet Materia

April 2016 (Film Forthcoming)

Inspired by French postructuralism/existentialism, the Mandala principle of Tibetan Buddhism and the Western hermetic tradition, MIND features five neurotics trapped in a giant spider's web, vying against one another in a doomed struggle for superiority and self-transcendence.

Birth of the Garden

at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden

June 2016

A Gnostic, feminist retelling of the Adam and Eve story, Birth is a tragic family narrative of creation, hubris, perversion, loss, and generational struggle, a response to the politics of oncoming global collapse and late capitalist ideologies of identity.


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